Announcement from Narashino Catholic Church, parish priest


  Greeting with peace of the Lord.

Yesterday, March 7 the church management committee held an online meeting and after hearing the opinions of the members of the management committee, it was decided to reopen the public mass with a conditions.

We will resume on Friday, March 12 at 10 am mass.

Mass for church school will resume on Saturday, March 13 from 14:30

The Sunday mass of 7:30 am and of 10:00 am will be resumed from March 14 .

Please take a note of the following for the resumption of the Public Masses.

1. Sunday 7:30 and 10:00 am mass will be limited to 70 people . The participation of public mass in each block, will be the same as last year.

2. If you are not feeling well take a rest. You are not obliged to attend the Sunday mass. During this corona virus pandemic , you are exempted to attend Sunday’s Mass (with a permission from the Archbishop ).

3. At the church, please wear mask all the time , have your hands disinfected with alcohol. The new corona virus infection can be transmitted thru “Spatter “ , so avoid unnecessary conversation at the entrance of the church.

4.You will be asked to fill in the reception sheet  at your seat, so please bring your own pen .


For seats attendance :


We are already on the 3rd Sunday of Lent . Next week, March 14 will be 2nd Sunday of the month and it is reserved for 2nd block, March 21 will be 3rd Sunday and it is reserved for 3rd block, and on March 28 is reserved for 4th and 5th block respectively to attend the Mass.

For the Easter Sunday celebration , it will be for further notice . Will inform everyone after the management committee meeting and preparation.

Let us pray that we can joyfully celebrate the Resurrection of Christ / Easter Sunday together.


March 8, 2021

Parish Priest Joseph Dinh



                         *Donation through Postal Transfer


                    Postal Transfer is now available for monthly contribution and other donations.

                Please use the transfer form that are placed in front of the office and the accounting window.

                The account number of Narashino Church is already filled in on that form.   (Finance Committee)