Important announcement for all the parishioners of Narashino Catholic Church.


Message from our priest Fr. Dinh. 


I was able to celebrate Christmas and New Year mass safely in the protection of God. I am grateful for God's grace.

However, from a few days ago, in Chiba Prefecture, Corona infections have increased rapidly. On the 6th (Wed), there were 311 infected people . On the 7th ( Thurs.) around Narashino church, there were 47 Funabashi City, 34 Narashino City, 36 Yachiyo City, and Chiba City was 47 infected cases.

In this situation, it’s unavoidable that a lot of people come to Narashino church on Sunday to attend mass which is very risky. 

We will closed all Sunday mass from the 10th (Sun). For the time being, until the declaration of emergency is lifted.

We will cancel the mass for church school to protect the children.


Friday, 8 January 2021

Parish Priest Joseph Dinh