Announcement from Narashino Catholic Church, parish priest


Dear Members of Narashino Parish:


May the peace of the Lord be with you.


Today is the 29th of August, and the last Sunday this month.  In the liturgical calendar of the church, the Mass liturgy is celebrated as the 22nd Sunday of the year. Today's Gospel is read from the rather long chapter 7 of the Book of Mark.  The theme is about how to keep God's commandments.  Jesus tells us that we are not to keep God's commandments just verbally or formally, but to love and cherish them with all of our heart, understanding the purpose of his commandments.


Even if the Covid-19 pandemic prevents us from gathering together for the Liturgy of the Mass for a while, I believe this does not diminish our love for Jesus, our heartfelt morning and evening prayers, or his presence in our lives.


In my last letter (August 13), I informed you of the cancellation of the Open Mass until August 31st, but since then, Archbishop Kikuchi has instructed us to cancel it through September 12th, I am contacting you again with an update.


Open Masses are cancelled through Sunday, September 12th.


During this time, the chapel will be open for prayer and Eucharistic visitations.  If you would like to receive

     the Sacrament of Forgiveness or the Sacrament of the Sick, please contact the church.


We are planning to resume open masses on September 19th.  Please let us pray together that we can realize this date.


We are praying for your good health.


August 29, 2021

22nd Sunday of the Year


Parish Priest   Joseph Dinh