Suspension of Public Mass in the Archdiocese of Tokyo until September 30 . ⛪️


Narashino Church


The peace of the Lord


"For those who want to follow me, abandon yourself, carry your cross, and obey me." (Tomorrow, the gospel of September 12, Mark 8:34)

This call of Jesus was reconsidered by the Corona evil.  There is no true happiness without the cross.  I pray every day, thinking that there is no real peace in a world where God is not with me (a world where God is forgotten).

I think it is time to reconsider the prosperity of the world through consumption through the corona disaster and choose a compassionate and gentle way of life for the earth, which is the home of humankind.

( Fr. Dinh reflection on tomorrow’s Gospel . 9/12/2021 ) 


By the way, yesterday (10th) I received a notice from Archbishop Kikuchi.  Due to the government's extension of the state of emergency, the public mass of the Tokyo parish will also be refrained from until September 30th.  Included, Narashino Church. 


The public mass will be canceled until September 30th.


By September 25th, we will inform of the plan for after October 1st. 


September 11, 2021 

Month to cherish creatures

Chief Priest Joseph Din