Announcement/ Advisory from our Parish priest Fr. Dinh.

As it was announced by Archbishop Kikuchi that Public Mass 
will start on June 21. In our church => Narashino Catholic Church, the public Mass will start on July 5.

With three things to follow...

1) Social distancing ( 2 meters) , only 60 persons are allowed to go inside the church.
2) Masses will be per Block. Attend your scheduled Sunday Mass .
     Blk. 1 => 1st Sunday
     Blk. 2 => 2nd Sunday
     Blk. 3 => 3rd Sunday
     Blk. 4 & Blk. 5 => 4th Sunday 

3) To protect the lives of our senior parishioners. It was advise that 75 yrs. old above to stay and have their prayers at home , for the meantime.


✴︎ Before coming to the church, please check your body temperature. (37’C 〜you’ll not be allowed

    to go inside the church )
✴︎ Before entering the church disinfect your hands w/ alchohol. And while you are inside the church ,

 please wear a facemask.

✴︎ After the Mass , avoid gathering.


                         *Donation through Postal Transfer


                    Postal Transfer is now available for monthly contribution and other donations.

                Please use the transfer form that are placed in front of the office and the accounting window.

                The account number of Narashino Church is already filled in on that form.   (Finance Committee)