On the Liturgy of the Three Holy Days of Passover

Dear Members of Narashino Parish,


✞Peace of the Lord be with you.


Holy Week began on April 10th with "Passion Sunday" (the Lord's Day of the Branches).  This year again, we will hold the liturgy of the "Three Holy Days of Passover" while taking measures to prevent the Covid-19 infection. 


The following are the liturgies for the three days of the Passover.


◇Holy Thursday (HOLY THURSDAY): April 14 (Thu.) The Lord's Supper Mass 19:00


◇Good Friday (GOOD FRIDAY) April 15 (Fri.) The Lord's Passion Service 19:00


  *The "Stations of the Cross" will be held from 10:00 a.m.



◇The Easter Vigil (The EASTER VIGIL) Saturday, April 16, 7:00 p.m.


 EASTER SUNDAY April 17 (Sunday) 7:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.


Please note: Easter begins with the Holy All-night Mass, so please attend one of the following Masses: Saturday at 19:00, Sunday at 7:30, 10:00, or 17:00 (Vietnamese).



Now, before the Feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that his hour had come to depart out of his world to the Father, having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end.

(John 13:1)

As this Gospel tells us, Jesus loved us, His disciples, and instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist to be with us until the end of the world.  He also testified of the forgiveness of God the Father through His death on the cross.  Through the liturgy of the "Three Holy Days of Passover," I pray that we may be filled with God's love and forgiveness and always live with hope.


April 12, 2022   Holy Week, Tuesday 


Parish Priest   Joseph Dinh